My rotary exchange year - Eahsien  I came to New Zealand in July. I expect there will be a lot of new challenges for me achieve. I might not get used eat the Weet-Bix and potatoes every day. I might not understand the teacher. I might not be able to make friends.  But I will try hard. 
In this year, I went to a lot of places including Norfolk Island, South Island and Great Barrier Island. It was fantastic in Norfolk Island with Mattias. I lived with chicken, cats and dog. I swam almost every day. I had a surprised birthday in Norfolk Island. It was joyful in South Island. I saw a lot of beautiful landscapes. I did bungy jump and sky gliding. I wish I can do sky diving at the next time I go to Queenstown. It was relaxing in Great Barrier Island. I did some boogie boarding and kayaking. Those experience is unreplaceable. 
I was very lucky that my host family was very nice to me. My first host family is very special for me. They are Malaysian people. It let me realise New Zealand is a very international country. Their daughter-Natasha is a rotary exchange student that exchange to Taiwan. It’s surprised me. I used to think Taiwan is a hopeless country that only a few people recognise it. It changed my mind. Every day in my second host family is interesting. They took me to the Great Barrier Island and Auckland Zoo. During the lockdown, I played the Catan with my host brothers. My last host family is special as well. There is one celebrity in it. We played the Five Crowns with M&Ms. Recently they had a dog. I watched interaction between their new dog and old cat.
The time at school is good. I tried to understand the key term in every subject. it failed in computer science. The trying kind of success in Biology class. The trying success in Math, Economy and English literature.  I made a few friends as well. 
Because of the coronavirus, I did the online-study for a few weeks. Because of the coronavirus, all of the rotary trips got cancelled. Because of the virus, most of the exchange student went home earlier but me. my flight kept cancelling that I am not sure my next flight will go. 
In New Zealand, I eat Weet-Bix for breakfast. I eat sandwich for lunch. I eat all kind of food for dinner such as lasagne, Indian carry, steaks and potatoes. I like to eat the mince pie and fish & chips. I learned how to cook scrambled egg and noodle soup. I become more positive and confident. It won’t happen if I didn’t decide to be an exchange student.  
I will probably go home on this Thursday. The thing that I will miss the most is the food, the opportunity to speak English, the Rotarian and my host family. the food is extremely international in New Zealand. I might not be able to eat some of them in Taiwan. The Rotarian and my helped me a lot. the Rotarian helped to arrange the trip and make sure I am all right. The host family provided me the foods and did some interesting activities with me. Thanks for your help. I won’t forget it. 
 The things I am looking forward to do is seeing my friends and family in Taiwan. I want to share my experience to them and invite them to come. I want to convince my sister to join the rotary exchange program. After the crisis, I want to travel to New Zealand with my family. 
I learned a bunch of things in New Zealand. I won’t forgot it. I will carry it forever.