The local projects and community committee focuses mainly on local events and initiatives. Some really small but even the small ones make a big difference to the people we are helping.   Others are bigger and are collaborations with either the greater Rotary District or schools and so on.

Recently we have supported

Literacy projects such as book in homes and books in prisons.  There are a lot of people out there who struggle to read and that’s pretty tough in the 21st century. We have been supporting dictionaries for kids, for some children, it’s the only book in the household.

Following on from this we support reading assistance programs in Sherwood and we want to expand this program to other schools in the area.

Staying with kids, we help with the Trees for survival programme at Murrays Bay School. Here primary school student grow and then plant native trees.

Moving out to wider New Zealand we help financially with the District Dental Hygiene programme where packs of tooth brushes and paste are distributed to low decile schools in the Far North and on the North Shore.

There are a bunch of other things that come up through the year, some we support some we don’t - we don’t have a money tree.  It’s worth asking though, if you have a community need, talk to us, we may not say yes but we will listen.

Youth Generation Projects

Like many Rotary Clubs, we are big on youth projects, there are really two types, local and international. Local youth projects generally promote education and leadership skills within New Zealand whereas international projects work with offshore students in one way or another. For all these projects we work with local schools and communities.

Local Youth Projects

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a week-long leadership development programme for 20-28 year olds hosted and sponsored by Rotary Clubs in the district. RYLA is a live-in programme designed to help young people develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders.

Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) by giving support to Rangitoto and Pinehurst Colleges

MUNA simulates the working of the United Nations Assembly by having school teams of two or three Year 12 and 13 (Forms 6 and 7) students represent a particular UN country in debates on matters of world politics and social concern. The students develop bridges of goodwill for the furtherance of world peace and understanding.

Challenge Camp where International Youth Exchange Students are matched up with physically challenged local students - and sent to camp for 5 days of challenges and fun. Campers included those with impaired speech, hearing or sight, and those with muscular and neurological disorders.

Rotary National Science and Technology Forum where  OUTSTANDING  all round science, maths and technology students in Year 12 who will be returning to Year 13 and are planning to study the sciences or technology at tertiary level.

RYDA is a program to help educate young people about road safety as they approach the period in their life when they start driving a car and ride as a passenger in a car driven by one of their peers.

International Youth Projects

International Youth Exchange (IYE) is Rotary's flagship International Youth program. We will host one incoming student and sponsor one outgoing student.

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee is Responsible for "fun" activities that the Club enjoys. Fellowship is one of the aspects of Rotary that make it particularly enjoyable for our members and our partners. The Fellowship committee arranges a wide variety of social events throughout the year ranging from Barbeque meetings in the summer to theatre nights, ethnic dinners, boating trips, weekends away in the country, interesting vocational visits and joint meetings with other clubs. The objective being to provide opportunities for fellowship for our partners and families so they can share in the pleasure of being part of Rotary.